live social media challenge - month one results

Live Social Media Challenge: Month One Recap


It’s been one month since I started this social media challenge and I am pleased to share the results from the first month of growth.

If you’re wondering what in the world I’m talking about, check out the first blog post.

I had a lot of fun this month networking on social media, not only with other local businesses but also with others who are in my same industry! Below I will share what I did on each network and where the numbers stand.

With all the networks, I’m really focusing on the 80/20 rule: 80% of my posts are educational, fun, and informative; 20% of my posts are for selling my services.


Facebook: Month One Results

Facebook is a lot different than it used to be… with the rise of other networks, it’s no longer the fun place to be. Therefore, I’ve kept my posts on Facebook more professional. Not as many fun memes or random comments. I really want to focus on staying on topic while providing value and plugging my services occasionally.

Before I share everything I did, here are how the numbers stack up for month one:



Likes: 19 (up 19 from previous month)

Reach: 406 (up 100% from previous month)

Post Engagements: 76 (up 100% from previous month)

Company Reviews: 1 (up 1 from previous month)

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I started out the month by simply getting the page created, making sure my profile and cover photo looked nice, and I added as much information as possible to my about page.

Next, I spent a week or so publishing posts. No one wants to like a blank page, they want to see the kind of posts you put out and what kind of value they are going to get from following your page.

Then I invited my friends to follow my page. Your biggest fans are going to be your friend and family, so why not ask them to support your business by liking your Facebook page.

About a week later I joined some local facebook groups. Since Local Web Strategies is a B2B company (business to business), I looked specifically for Facebook groups for businesses or business owners in my area.

Once I was accepted into these groups, I didn’t go out right away and solicit my services. I waited a few days, liked some other people’s posts in each group, and then I made a post on each group introducing myself and my company. While this didn’t garner any real leads, I was private messaged by a few people and gained a few more page likes.

Here is a screenshot of what I posted in one of the groups:

Month Two Facebook Goals

  • run a few Facebook ads to reach 100 page likes
  • interact more with local Facebook groups and network with other business owners
  • diversify posts by having more videos in addition to images and links


Twitter: Month One Results

To be completely honest, I didn’t use to be a very big fan of Twitter. However, I’ve been seeing more and more how Google is looking specifically to Twitter to see social engagement. Sooooo… I really focused on engaging on Twitter.

I’ve been trying to post multiple times per day, not just promoting a tip or something business related but also fun posts with GIFs and quotes. It hasn’t happened every day but I’m working on it. 🙂

Here is an example of one of my random posts:

Here is the breakdown on the numbers for month one:



Followers: 41 (up 41 from previous month)

Retweets: 19 (up 19 from previous month)

Daily Impressions: 307 (up 307 from previous month)

Engagement Rate: 2.6% (up 100% from previous month)

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As with Facebook, I started out by following my friends. Most of them showed their support by following me back. I also made sure to start getting posts out there right away before following a bunch more people.

After there was some good content on my profile, I started following other local businesses and some of them followed me back. I also created a Twitter List for area businesses and I often scroll through that list and like posts.

Another thing that I’m really working on his hashtags. You don’t have as many characters to put a bunch of hashtags on Twitter, so choosing the best one for your post is important. This also helped me grow my followers because people were finding my profile from the hashtags.

I will note that many of the followers I have now are not from local companies like I had hoped. Most of them are people who are in my same industry.

Month Two Twitter Goals

  • focus on making multiple posts per day using random quotes and GIFs
  • make a list of popular and relevant hashtags that I can refer to when making posts
  • gain more local followers


Instagram: Month One Results

Okay, I have to admit that Instagram is my FAVORITE social network! I’ve had so much fun sharing posts and using Instagram Stories.

Check out month one results:



Followers: 81 (up 81 from previous month)

Engagement: 444 (up 444 from previous month)

Impressions: 891 (up 891 from previous month)

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As with Facebook and Twitter, I started by following friends and most of them followed back. I also made sure to have plenty of posts out before following a bunch of other people.

Next, I started following a lot of local businesses, many of which followed back. I also try to watch other pages Instagram Stories each day because then they will all see in their analytics that Local Web Strategies viewed their story. This is a great way to make sure people don’t forget my business name. Also, I try to spend a few minutes scrolling through my feed and liking other company’s posts.

The biggest takeaway of the month is HASHTAGS! Unlike Twitter, you have as many characters as you need to write a caption and use hashtags. Therefore, on almost all posts I try to include 20-30 relevant hashtags. Sometimes I will tack them on to the bottom of my post but I have also been experimenting with posting my list of hashtags as the first comment on the post. It seems to work well either way. I usually get 2-3 new followers everytime I make a post with hashtags.

Here is the post that got the most impressions this month:

Share your company profile in the comments & then follow at least one other business. Show support for local businesses! #tagyourbusiness

A post shared by Local Web Strategies (@localwebstrategies) on

Month Two Instagram Goals

  • make a list of popular and relevant hashtags that I can refer to when making posts
  • utilize Instagram stories more
  • gain more local followers
  • spend time commenting on posts


LinkedIn: Month One Results

As stated in the first post in this series, I started my LinkedIn company page over a year ago with a few posts. So, I already had 5 followers on LinkedIn before starting this challenge. I resumed posting on LinkedIn this month but I didn’t get any new followers.

The eight shares came from me sharing posts to my personal profile, which is probably where most of the impressions came from as well. I definitely need to change up my strategy for growing my LinkedIn following.


Followers: 5 (up 0 from previous month)

Impressions: 277 (up 275 from previous month)

Shares: 8 (up 8 from previous month)

This page was started over a year ago, with only a few posts.

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I did join a few local LinkedIn groups which will help me promote my business.

Month Two LinkedIn Goals

  • find more groups to join
  • interact in LinkedIn groups, occasionally sharing a few of my posts


YouTube: Month One Results

This is the one network I set to the side for the time being. In my experience, one of the best ways to grow your following on YouTube is to share to your following on other social networks. My goal is to build up my following on all the other social media platforms before committing more time to making videos and building the channel. I do see YouTube as a great avenue and I’m looking forward to growing it.


Subscribers: 1 (up 0 from previous month)

Videos: 3 (up 1 from previous month)

Views: 12 (up 9 from previous month)

This channel was started over a year ago, with only two videos.

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Month Two YouTube Goals

  • focus on growing all other social networks
  • make a list of future videos to make

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