Why Title Tags and Meta Data Still Matter for Local SEO

Every local business has geographical locations that they are specifically targeting. If you work in the Cedar Rapids, IA metro area you don’t want people from Omaha, NE calling you up… those people aren’t your ideal customer. If you want your ideal customer to find you, you need to make sure that your website has title tags and meta data for local SEO on your site (among other things).


Let me explain more about title tags and meta data for local SEO.

The Almighty Title Tag

When Google looks at a website, it reads the same way we do – top to bottom left to right. It also doesn’t look at websites they way we see them with all the colors and pictures.

Here is what it sees:

title meta tags local seo

Look as what we see pretty close to the top… <title>

title tag local seo

So, if this is what Google is going to be reading first thing when they come to your site, we definitely want to make it worthwhile.

Be sure that your title tags are different for all pages on your website and include the core keywords for that page in addition to your service area location(s).

Don’t Forget About the Meta Description & Keywords

Not too far down from the title tag is the meta description and keywords.

meta description keyword tags local seo

Just as with the title tag, we want to make sure that we’re using these fields to our greatest advantage. Each page should be different and include your core keywords and service area locations.

There is much debate about whether or not meta keywords are still useful. In my opinion, why not add the keywords as long as you’re not spamming it with 100 keywords. About a dozen keywords would be sufficient here.

Optimize to Get the Click

Another reason why your title tag and metadata still matter is the content you have here will be the deciding factor on whether or not someone clicks on your website in the search results.

Make sure that you are describing exactly what your potential customer is looking for.

If they’re looking for “HVAC company cedar rapids”

1) your website should show up first because you’ve optimized your title and meta tags for these keywords, and

2) your title tag and meta description describe exactly what they are looking for.

title tags meta data local businesses
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