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How Do I Turn an Email Into a Calendar Event Meeting in Outlook Online?

If you use the web version of Outlook, you might be wondering how to turn an email into a meeting or calendar event. This is something that is very easy to use if you have the downloaded version of Outlook on your computer, but not so obvious when using the web app.

So, how do you turn an email into a meeting in Outlook online? When using the Outlook web app, it's simple to turn an email into a calendar event by clicking "Reply all by meeting" from inside the Email. This works for both Office 365 Online and any free Outlook/Hotmail email account.

Here are the step by step instructions for creating a meeting calendar event from an email!

Step 1: Open the email

You won't be able to turn the email into a meeting from the main inbox. Therefore, you'll need to double click the email to open up it so that you can read it in full screen.

It should look like this:

How Do I Turn an Email Into a Calendar Event Meeting in Outlook Online

Step 2: Access the Additional Settings

Unfortunately, what you need to click to turn your email into a meeting is not in the most obvious place on Outlook Online. In my opinion, it should be in the dropdown under Reply in the upper left, but that's neither here nor there. The good news is, it's really easy to do once you know where to click!

In the upper right of your email, there are three dots. Once you click on the three dots, you will see a drop down menu. In the menu, you will see an option that says Other reply actions and then Reply all by meeting.

outlook web app reply all by meeting

Step 3: Setup Your Meeting

After clicking on Reply all by meeting, a new window will open where you can set up the meeting. One of the great things about this is that it will set every email address that was included in the original email address as calendar meeting invites.

Important Note: One thing I noticed when setting this up is that any email attachments are not included in the email invite. However, if you need attachments, you can click the paperclip icon under the meeting details to reattach the files.

There you have it! If you were wondering how to turn your email into a calendar invite, I hope these step by step instructions helpful!

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