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Can I Print A Google Doc With Comments?

A very helpful feature that Google Docs provides its users, is the ability to leave comments on the document. This is a great feature for teams of students who are collaborating on the same document.

You can leave comments on certain sentences or points within the document and have full-on conversations to help increase the productivity of your project.

However, when it comes to downloading your Google Doc, you may be wondering if you can print the document’s contents, along with the comments on the right-hand side.

The answer to this question is, yes! While Google itself doesn’t have a pre-set option to download comments, there are several different ways to still download them with your document. You may have to get a little creative with your workaround method, but there are many easy ways to achieve the same goal.

So continue reading below as we share a few of our favorite different workaround methods that you can use to print your Google document with comments!

How Do I Print A Google Document With Comments?

Export Your Google Document. Unlike Google, both MicrosoftWord and OpenOffice have methods that allow users to download the comments that are placed on the document. So if you have the means to do so, it may be easiest for you to first export your Google Document into Word or Office - and then download it.

Once you have exported your document into MircrosoftWord or Office, you can then select from their printing settings to edit the print lineup.

It is very easy to download the document from that point forward, and the comments will be printed on the right side of the page by default (you can change the settings to be otherwise).

Using OpenOffice is a great resource for anyone who doesn’t have an alternative to Google Docs (such as Microsoft word). OpenOffice is an open document compatible program that can open up any doc regardless of what software they were created by.

You can also download and view comments from a program such as this. Alternatives to OpenOffice would also include; Apache OpenOffice, LibreOffice, and more.

Download As a Web Page. If you don’t want to use an external application to print your Google document, there is another simple and easy way you can do this with just your Chrome browser.

Simply convert the Google document to an HTML file, and use Chrome’s print feature to print it with the featured comments.

To do this through Google Docs, select “File” from the menu, then select Download, and select Web Page. By doing this, it will save a zipped file onto your computer. After unzipping the file, you can then open the HTML file with Chrome.

The only difference with using this method is that comments will be shown at the bottom of your page, and sentences will be highlighted to show which comment corresponds with what area of the document.

Screen Capture Your Document. Google Chrome has another great feature that provides another way of downloading your document with its comments. However, this won’t be as convenient for anyone who is trying to download several pages worth of work.

Simply use the “screen capture” feature to take a picture of your screen. On Chrome, you can click on “Screen Capture” and you will be given the option to click and drag a certain area of your screen to take a screenshot of, or capture the entire screen (as well as take a video of a whole or selected area).

As mentioned, this would likely would just fine if you have only one page of wording/comments. But wouldn’t be nearly as convenient if you have pages and pages.

But it is still a useful feature that should be of use, or even make a great last-minute way of capturing your comments in case they are deleted later down the line.

Use a Third-Party Chrome Extension. At the end of the day, you may find it easier to skip all of these workarounds, and simply install a third-party chrome extension. Chrome has a great extension that allows you to download your documents along with your comments.

This extension simply adds the option to your print layout for you to check that you want the comments downloaded as well.

This is a simple extension that has great reviews, is easy to use, and maybe a good choice for anyone who plans on doing this frequently. It would also be a much better option for anyone who doesn’t have Microsoft word or anything that they can export the document to.

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