How to Format Your Google Doc for Kindle Book

Updated: May 12

If you’ve ever wanted to publish your own Kindle book, you might be wondering how to format your Google Doc for Kindle book.

Kindle manuscripts do require the right formatting in order for them to display correctly on Kindle eReaders. It’s important to pay attention to how your document is formatted so you’re not wasting time making constant adjustments to get the layout to look right.

Kindle has their own Manuscript Formatting Guide using Microsoft Word. However, I’m excited to show you how you can use Google Docs!

Let’s dive in!

Basic Formatting for Kindle Books in Google Docs Overview

There are a few basic formatting elements that you need to make a great Kindle Book using Google Docs. Here is an overview of all the basic elements that you’ll need:

  1. Add front and back content

  2. Format Chapter Titles

  3. Create a Table of Contents

  4. Set paragraph indentations and line spacing

  5. Insert and format Images

  6. Add page Breaks

  7. Insert hyperlinks

  8. Add footnotes

The important thing to remember about Kindle ebooks is Kindle is not great for a lot of fancy graphics and designs. Because it’s transferring your content into what they need to be viewable on their Kindle e-reader, the more simple your book is as far as the layout and formatting, the better.

In the following sections, I’ll explain how to format each part in Google Docs so that by the end you’ll be able to easily.

If you want to see a live example of a Google Doc with all this formatting in place, scroll down to the bottom of this post!

Add Front & Back Content

When formatting the very first page of your Kindle ebook on Google Docs, just keep in mind what the first pages of content look like.

You can use the text formats (examples in the screenshot) for the different elements like this:

  1. Book Title (Title format)

  2. Book Subtitle (Subtitle format)

  3. Dedication Heading (Heading 2)

  4. Dedication (Normal text)