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How to Make a Line Graph in Google Sheets with Multiple Lines

One of the really cool things about using Google sheets is you can easily convert your data into live graphs. If you want to visually display your data, line graphs with multiple lines are a great tool to use. You might also find this useful if you're using Google sheets to track historical stock data, combining multiple sheets into one master sheet, and more

For this example, let's pretend we are tracking our inventory of fruit by quantity available and sale price.

Step 1: Create your data table

The first thing we need to do is compile all of the data into a table. For this example, my first column will be all of the fruit names, the second column will be quantity, and the third column will be price. It should look something like this:

Step 2: Create the chart

To create the chart, you're simply going to click Insert > Chart in the top toolbar.

You will see a box for your chat pop up (it will say No Data at first) and the Chart Editor on the right-hand side, like this:

Now we begin the fun stuff... let's start making this chart!

Step 3: Populate chart data

Now we're going to start using the editor to populate the data.

First, let's change the Chart type to Line Chart (this will likely be the first option in the dropdown).

Next, we're going to select our data range. Click on the four squares to the right of Data range. You'll see a small popup box where you can either type in the range or select it on the screen. Then click OK.

Right away, you're going to see that the data is populated in whatever way that Google thinks is best to display this data. But you can continue manipulating the X-axis and Series to display how you would like.

If you want to change the order in chice the lines are displayed (for example price first and then quantity). You simply click on QTY under Series and change it to PRICE and then do the same for PRICE and change it to QTY.

I usually like to tell Google to user row one as headers and column a a labels, but you can turn those off if they don't apply to your goals.

You can even switch the rows and columns so that your QTY and PRICE show as the X-axis and the fruit show as the Series.

But for this example, I think this is exactly how I want my data to appear as a line chart with multiple lines.

Something that I noticed while I was making this chart is the ability to also combine columns and lines. I think this might actually fit my goal better with this data.

To change this, I don't need to delete the chart and start over. I simply go back to the top and change the Chart Type to Combo chart.

Also, what I really like about this, is since I've already determined the Data range, Google recommends some charts for me that I might find useful for the data I have. So I am actually going to pick the one in the bottom right of the suggested charts.

This chart looks much nicer and easier to read!

Step 4: Customize the look

You may want your chart to match your brand colors or to just look different so you can see the data easier.

We can easily customize the look by clicking Customize in the upper right of the Chart editor.

Here is what you can change from the customize settings (may change depending on the type of chat you choose):

  • Chart style: Chart background and color

  • Chart & axis titles: Just as it sounds, update the x and y-axis title in addition to the title at the top of the chart

  • Series: Change the style of the different data series you are comparing including color, label, add trendlines, etc.

  • Legend: Change the position, color, and layout of the legend

  • Horizontal axis: Change the font and color of the horizontal labels. In addition, you can change the angle of the words

  • Vertical axis: Same as the horizontal axis but you can also change the data format and scale

  • Gridlines and ticks: Change gridline color and step increments

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