How to Sync Two Google Sheets Automatically to One Master Spreadsheet

Updated: Jul 28

If you’ve ever wondered how to sync two Google Sheets into one master spreadsheet that automatically updates, you’ll find these step-by-step instructions helpful. One reason you might find this useful is you are importing historical stock data. You can even make your spreadsheet analysis more efficient by adding colored dropdown lists and finding duplicated value in multiple columns.

This is a great option if you have multiple people working on different spreadsheets and you want to pull the data into one spreadsheet for viewing purposes. Instead of redoing work that was already done, you can easily pull in the data from other spreadsheets and have the cells automatically update.

When someone changes one spreadsheet, those changes can automatically be reflected on the master spreadsheet. That’s what makes this Google Sheets hack so cool!

For this blog post example, I’ll be using 3 different spreadsheets. Here are the links to each of these spreadsheets so you can see the actual examples:

  1. Merge Spreadsheet #1

  2. Merge Spreadsheet #2

  3. Merge Spreadsheet (Master)

Step 1: Prepare your Spreadsheets

You can merge as many spreadsheets as you would like for this example, I’m only going to merge two.

You’ll need to open all of the spreadsheets that you want to merge into their own tabs.

We’ll be grabbing information from each spreadsheet in order to make the merge work on your master spreadsheet which is why you need to have all the spreadsheets open.

Step 2: Get the =IMPORTRANGE Formula Template

The formula we’ll be using to grab these results is the =IMPORTRANGE formula. This has a few different elements that you’ll need to customize for your spreadsheet.

Here is the formula template:

=IMPORTRANGE("{Spreadsheet URL}","{Tab Name}!{Sheet range}") 

The three pieces of information that you need to get from the sheet you want to merge are