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Can Google Docs Read To Me Aloud?

There are many different reasons you may wish your Google Doc would read your text aloud. For instance, if you are writing an oral presentation, you may want to hear your writing aloud to make sure it sounds presentable.

Those who struggle with reading or focusing on words find the text-to-speech tools to help them a lot with staying productive throughout their day.

People with visual impairments also find text-to-speech features useful for using the internet. Having Google read text aloud can also be super helpful for children with visual impairments, or kids who struggle with focusing long enough to read.

Regardless of your reason, you may be wondering if Google Docs has a feature that will read your text aloud. The answer to this question is yes! There is a super simple way you can enable text-to-speech on your Google document.

While there are actually a handful of different add-ons to choose from to do this; the best solution would be by using ChromeVox.

Simply keep reading below and follow the steps to enable ChromeVox on your Google Docs browser site to have your text read aloud to you:

How Do I Enable ChromeVox on Google Docs?

The exact buttons and steps for enabling ChromeVox on your browser may be different for everyone depending on the specific chrome device that you are on. However, the process remains the same, regardless of where the settings are located on your device.

Here is the simple step-by-step process for enabling ChromeVox on your Google Docs browser site:

Step One: Go to “accessibility” on your Chrome device.

Step Two: Click to enable “ChroveVox” on the device. A banner at the top of your browser should appear giving instructions on how to select to have the voice speak the text aloud.

ChromeVox is now enabled for your entire device, however, you can shut it off at any time by revisiting the “accessibility” area of your settings.

Note: Even though ChromeVox is select to speak, it will often read some unwanted parts of your screen, since the program is mostly intended for those with visual impairments.

If you would like something that truly reads whatever you select on Google Docs, we suggest that instead of enabling ChromeVox, you enable “Select-To-Speak.” (This should be located right below the ChromeVox feature)

Step Three: Now that ChromeVox (or select-to-speak) has been enabled, you can open up your desired Google document and highlight the area you wish to be spoken.

Next, click the small volume speaker button on your lower shelf.

Then on your keyboard, press the keys Ctrl+Shift+S to have the reader speak your highlighted text.

Congratulations! You now have two easy methods (ChromeVox or Text-To-Speech) that will allow you to listen to the text written in Google Docs.

This is a super easy process that anyone can do for free on Google Docs (or using ChromeVox, you can listen to any text on any site!) without any hassle within a few minutes.

Can Google Docs Read To Me on iPhone?

Above is an excellent solution for anyone who wants to listen to text from Google Docs aloud on their Chrome browser. However, if you are an Apple user on a mobile device, you may feel lost for options.

However, there are actually some good apps and solutions that you can use on your iPhone that will provide you with the same results as ChromeVox and text-to-speech.

Just like how Chrome has ChromeVox as a pre-installed screen reader application that can be enabled, Apple has its own that you can enable on the back-end of your mobile device. Follow these steps to enable it on your iPhone:

Step One: Open “settings.”

Step Two: Tap “general.”

Step Three: Tap “accessibility.”

Step Four: Find and click on “VoiceOver” to enable it.

Step Five: Once enabled, visit the VoiceOver site to find specific instructions on how to select and have your phone read the text aloud to you.

You now have a text-to-speech application for your iPhone! This is available on most Apple devices, as well as iPads. You can now listen to text from your mobile devices, or have your papers read to you.

This is also an incredibly helpful tool for those who have visual impairments. If your child struggles with using their iPad or iPhone for impairment reasons, a text-to-speech tool could really help their experience - especially if they have moved to remote learning in recent years.

It has also been shown that people who struggle with focusing and short attention spans really find text-to-speech tools to help them with everyday tasks, work, and school assignments.

Another great use for text-to-speech would be for those who struggle with or dislike reading. Listening to the text can help you multi-task and better retain the knowledge that you are taking in.

In Conclusion:

If you want the text to be read to you on your Google Docs browser via a Chrome device, the best solution would be for you to enable ChromeVox or text-to-speech in the accessibility section of your device.

However, if you want this same thing on one of your Apple mobile devices, you should enable VoiceOver in the accessibility settings of your device.

There are so many great benefits to using one of these text-to-speech tools with either Chrome or Apple devices. We hope this article provided you with the information that you were searching for, and that the tools will beneficial to you.

If you have other questions like this one or have something you would like to add to this article, please leave your input in the comments below!



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