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Can I Add A Voiceover To Google Sides?

Google Slides is a very underrated tool that is an excellent alternative to Powerpoint and can be very diverse regarding tools and what they can be utilized for. However, you may be wondering if there is a way to add a voiceover to your presentation on Google Slides?

The answer to this question is both yes and no. Google Slides does not currently have the option for you to literally record a voiceover within its program.

However, Slides does allow for audio to be imported. This is where you could upload an audio recording of your voiceover and have it incorporated into your video.

However, if you really want to do a simple and easy voiceover on your Google Slides presentation, there are a few different ways you can still do this. Continue reading below to follow our step-by-step tutorial on how you can add a voiceover to your slideshow:

Record A Voiceover With Screen Recording

If you don’t want to have to move your slideshow into another software, or record separate from your presentation - the best option for you would be to record a voiceover with a screen recording software.

Chrome has its own screen recording program that allows you to capture your entire screen, as well as record audio in the process.

By doing this, you can create a simple voiceover for your slide, and then take the video into an external video editing software and take the audio from your screen recording.

Next, you can take that audio recording and import it into Google Slides, by selecting “Audio” and uploading your file. Slides give users plenty of audio editing functions and play settings - such as auto-play and loop - that will make presenting your slideshow a lot easier.

Google Slides is very user-friendly and has customization options for most of its components. As mentioned before, we highly recommend Slides as a free and cloud-based alternative to PowerPoint.

Since Google Slides can be edited online from anywhere and is free, this software is a wonderful option for high school and college students that need a simple program for educational and illustrational purposes.

Record Your Voiceover Externally and Import

If screen recording isn’t working, or simply won’t be a convenient option for your voiceover - another simple idea is to record your voiceover externally and then import the audio into Google Slides.

All you will need for this process is something to record your audio (such as the recorder on your phone, or a recorder through quality editing software).

It is also recommended to have some kind of a microphone that will capture your sound better, and make the recording of much better quality.

Depending on what you are making your slideshow for, having high-quality audio may not be a big issue. However, it is certainly something to consider before recording your voiceover.

Next, simply begin recording yourself speaking, all the while watching your slideshow so that you are speaking in conjunction with the slides. Once you have completed your voiceover, you may choose to send it to a video editing software to fix any mess-ups or errors.

After this, you can then take your audio file and import it into Google Slides, align all of your talking and slides - and then you’re done!

Export Your Presentation & Voiceover In Another Software

If you have professional or quality video/audio editing software, you will likely have the option to do a voiceover right there. So if neither of the ideas above would work for you, a great alternative would be to download and export your Google Slides presentation and move it to your editing software.

There, you can do your voiceover and edit the audio all in one place. Once you’re satisfied, you can export the finished product, and present it as a video. This may not be ideal for everyone, since not everyone has great editing software. So using this same concept, there are a few other options to consider.

The first option would be to use PowerPoint for the voiceover. This software, unlike Google Slides, has the option and ability to do a voiceover directly over the slide show. You could either import your original slide show into this software or recreate it on this platform altogether.

Other platforms such as Thinkific or Keynote also have voiceover options that may be useful for presenting your slideshow. If you are a teacher or are presenting something in a professional atmosphere, we highly recommend you look into either of these programs for the best quality.



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