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Can I Connect Google My Business to Google Analytics 4?

If you're not familiar with all of the different Google tools, you might find it confusing what they are all for and their differences.

If you're wondering, can I connect Google My Business (now called Google Business Profile) to Google Analytics 4, unfortunately, there isn't currently a way to directly connect the two. It's not unrealistic to want to track how many people are getting to your website via the Google Business Profile.

There are a few different options if you are hoping to track website clicks from Google Business Profile.

Google Business Profile Insights

You can track how many clicks you got to your website from Google Business Profile via the Performance statistics. You can find this by typing your business name into Google.

Once the search result shows up, if you are already logged into the Google account where your business profile is located, you should see some options about your business profile at the top of the results.

To see the performance statistics. click on the Promote button:

Next, you'll click on Performance to see all of the analytics for your Google Business Profile page:

Lastly, click on Website clicks to get the data for how many people clicked on the button to view your website from the Google Business Profile.

Tracking Clicks from Google Analytics 4

Since you're already tracking your website analytics via Google Analytics, it might be nice to be able to track your Google Business Profile clicks from there as well. Good news is, there is actually a really easy way to do this.

The first thing you need to do is build a custom URL using the Campaign URL Builder.

You will need to fill out the following mandatory fields:

  • website URL

  • campaign source

  • campaign medium

Once you've filled out the fields, you can scroll down and copy your new URL:

You'll now paste this URL into your Google Business Profile so that with visitors click, they'll be clicking the link with the tracking information.

It can take up to 10 minutes for the website link to fully update on Google.

Now whenever, someone clicks on your website link in Google Business Profile, the tracking data will be attached and you'll be able to see this data in Google Analytics 4.

To see the data in GA4, click on Reports > Engagement > Events.

From there, you will scroll down to the event names and click on page_view.

From here to can see events by parameter name. Select source from the dropdown:

This will show you the traffic in the last 30 minutes - which is a good way to verify that your tracking URL is working.

Once you've received traffic via the Google Business Profile Link, you can view all the traffic by going to Reports > Acquisition > Traffic acquisition. Here you will see a chart with traffic by Channel. You can click the plus button to add Session source to the table where you will see the source param that you set up in the Campaign URL Builder.


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