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How to Hire a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

Pinterest is an important aspect of social media marketing for many blogs and products! However, managing all of the posts can be time consuming. This is why you might be wondering how to hire a Pinterest virtual assistant.

So, how do you hire a Pinterest Virtual Assistant? A great place to find a Pinterest Virtual Assistant is on Fiverr. You can find packages for both pin images and pin descriptions that are both keyword optimized and inexpensive. Using Fiverr, you can find quality writers for low costs!

Of course, when looking for a Pinterest virtual assistant on Fiverr, you should be looking at a few different things to make sure that you're getting a quality writer.

How many stars and reviews does the gig have? This will give you a good indication for how well other buyers thought the service was.

Where is the writer located? While there are many good English speakers across the world, you may want to keep in mind that most native English writers will be located in the United States

How many orders are currently in the queue? If the writer currently has multiple orders in the queue, not only does it show that the writer is good and in demand.

What Does a Pinterest Virtual Assistant Do?

Maybe you're not sure if hiring a Pinterest virtual assistant is worth it or what exactly they'll be able to help you with.

If you have a blog or store or if you manage multiple blogs or stores for other people, your Pinterest strategy can quickly become overwhelming. The time that it takes to get everything done will take away from the other aspects of your business.

A Pinterest virtual assistant will basically take care of everything for you. You send the links to the pages that you are going to share on Pinterest, and they'll provide you with the information you need to complete the post. Some Pinterest Virtual Assistants will even do the posting for you!

Pinterest Virtual Assistant Services

So what services can you hire a Pinterest virtual assistant to do? You want to make sure that if you're hiring someone to do a job for you that you will get the most for you money and that it will be worth it. Here is a breakdown of the different services that you can hire a Pinterest Virtual Assistant to do.

Write Pin Descriptions

Keyword optimized pin descriptions can be tedious to write. You get 500 characters to describe your pin with as many keywords as possible so that your pin ranks higher in Pinterest search.

Descriptions are used by our algorithm to determine relevance for delivery. We recommend entering a description to help get your Pin or ad in front of the right audience. ~ Pinterest Product Specs

When you have multiple pins to post on a daily or weekly basis, writing pin descriptions can take a lot of time out of your already busy day. Hiring a Pinterest virtual assistant is perfect for this job. All you have to do is provide them with the website link that you plan on sharing and they will do the keyword research and write the pin descriptions for you!

Write Board Descriptions

Did you know that your Pinterest board descriptions also help with how well your pins rank on Pinterest. The algorithm is looking to see if your pins are added to relevant boards and Pinterest will know if the board is relevant by the board description.

However, if you have dozens of boards, this can also be time consuming. You can hire a Pinterest Virtual Assistant to write keyword optimized board descriptions that will make sure your Pinterest account is completely optimized.

Here is what Tailwind recommends for Pinterest board descriptions, and what you should expect from your Pinterest Virtual Assistant:

Like Pin descriptions, you have up to 500 characters available in Board descriptions... A mix of niche, broad, and long-tail keywords and phrases (“how to do XXXX”) that Pinterest users search for.

Create Pin Images

In the end, your Pinterest success will only be as good as your pin images... the image is what draws the viewers in to click and ultimately go to your website.

For some people, designing and creating their own pin images does not come easy. For others, they enjoy creating the images but simply don't have time to keep up with creating all the images.

If you hire a Pinterest Virtual Assistant to create pin images for you, you should expect that they will also use keywords on the image. Pinterest users are searching for specific things and if your pin image has the keywords that they are searching for, it's more likely that they will click.

Of course, you also want images that look beautiful, a good assistant will have to tools require to create professional looking pin images.

How Much Do Pinterest Virtual Assistant Services Cost?

The price range of Pinterest Virtual Assistant services will really determine how much work you need to have done. It also depends on the experience of the assistant:

New Pinterest VA's charge about $15 per hour, but as they gain experience and expertise they charge more, usually in the $25 to $50 per hour range and even up to $75 per hour. The people who have more experience and charge more often call themselves Pinterest strategists or Pinterest managers. ~

However, this doesn't mean that you can't get quality work for a cheaper price. On Fiverr, you can find a Pinterest Virtual Assistant who will do the work needed for around $1.00 per pin. This is a very reasonable and cost effective price. You can often get your order completed for this price within 2-3 days or soon, depending on how busy the assistant is.

For the inexpensive price, it's worth trying out the minimum order to see the quality of the work you will receive if you buy more from them.

In closing...

If you rely on Pinterest traffic to market your blog posts, store products, etc but you don't have the time to get all the tasks done, hiring a Pinterest Virtual Assistant is the right move for you! Before spending 100s of dollars on an assistant, I recommend giving it a shot on Fiverr by hiring a reliable and well reviewed person.

If you would like a place to start looking, check out these gigs!



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