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You’ve Got 15 Seconds to Sell Your Service… Ready Set Go!

In the online world, things are a little different when it comes to capturing your potential customer’s attention and then keeping it. You need to focus on user experience if you’re going to make the sale!

Chartbeat looked at deep user behavior across 2 billion visits across the web over the course of a month and found that most people who click don’t read. In fact, a stunning 55% spent fewer than 15 seconds actively on a page. Time Magazine

So what do we do?

With so little time to capture and keep a person’s attention, what can we do to make sure they stay on our site?

There is a term in the web design world called “User Experience” or UX.

User experience is “the process of enhancing usersatisfaction with a product [i.e. your website] by improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided in the interaction with the product.” (wikipedia)

There are a few key factors to keep in mind when you’re building your business website.

What information is your customer looking for?

One of the biggest pieces for local businesses to have clearly seen and visible on their website is contact information. Your phone number and a link to your contact page should be at the very top of every page.

Another very important aspect that should be easy to find is your services. Your potential customer should clearly be able to see if you offer the service or product that they are looking for and then be able to find more information about it.

Don’t Play Hide and Seek

Another important aspect of UX is how easy is it to navigate your site? Don’t make website visitors click 50 links before they can find your information.

Make it simple… include a navigation menu at the top of your website, list your services on the home page in addition to a separate “services” page, have a contact page, etc.

Aesthetics are Everything

If you walk into a house with canary yellow appliances and shag carpet, what is your first thought?

Mine would be, Ewwww! It’s the same way with your business website. Make sure it looks modern and has been updated.

A great way to get ideas for your website is to look at other websites from large companies and observe their design styles.

If the bottom of your site says “© 1999” you need to fix that ASAP! Customers will right away see that you’re outdated and not with the times.

Don’t Forget About Mobile User Experience

You might think some aspect of your website looks and works great on your computer, but make sure to test it on mobile as well.

Nearly 50% of your website visitors could come from a mobile device and if your website is not working properly or is difficult to navigate, you’ll be losing a lot of potential sales.

User Experience for Local Businesses


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