Can SEO Keywords be Phrases?

Updated: May 11

The key to successfully ranking your content on Google is to optimize your site for the correct keywords. However choosing the correct keywords and phrases can be a little confusing.

So, can SEO keywords be phrases? It's recommended that your keywords be phrases and not single words. Think about what someone will type in to the search engine to find your content. It's not likely that they'll only type in one word.

As a rule of thumb, the fewer the words in your keyword phrase, the harder it will be to rank. For example, which of these examples do you think will rank better... "raising rabbits" or "how to raise rabbits while living in the city"?

There will be a lot more competition for the keyword "raising rabbits" than there is for a keyword that is specifically for people who want to raise rabbits in the city.

Tools for Finding Keyword Phrases

One of the best tools to use is Google itself!

Using Google's auto-suggest feature, you can get a lot of great keyword phrase ideas. Simply start typing your topic into the search bar on Google and they will drop down auto suggest ideas that you can use.

These auto-suggest keyword phrases are searches that Google already identifies as popular search phrases.

How to use Google Auto Suggest to find SEO Keyword Phrases

Another great tool is where you can type in your topic and see various keyword phrases and questions based on your topic.

This is a great start to getting popular search phrases that you can use on your website. You'll get keyword phrases that are questions, prepositions, comparisons, alphabetical, and related keyword searches.

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