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How Long Should Page Content Be for Local SEO?

Page content length is a hot topic in the SEO world and there are many opinions on the matter. When it comes to Local SEO, you might be wondering how long your page content should be for the best chances are ranking well.

So how long should page content be for local SEO? There is not magic number or secret hack. The best way to determine this is to look at your competition and be better. How long and how well optimized is the content on the site who ranks #1? Once you know this information, you will know what you need to do to make your content better.

I have written many service pages for local companies and some have more content than others to rank. Here is my process for checking the competition to see how long should page content be for local SEO.

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Check Your Competition's Page Content Length

You should do a Google search for a major keyword for your business. For example, if you are a lawn care business, you should search lawn care {city} or if you're a plumber you should search plumbing company {city}.

From here, you should take a look at the top 4 or 5 business websites and analyze their pages for a few different criteria:

  • How many words are on the page? You can copy all the text and paste it into a tool such as to find out the word count.

  • How many times is the keyword used? Using CTRL + F (or CMD + F on mac), check to see how many times the exact keyword that you used on Google to find the site appears on the page.

  • How many headings are on the page and do any of them contain the keyword? Headings play an important part in SEO and if they don't contain important keywords, then they're missing out!

If the page has a lot of content but is not adding keywords and headings, you may be able to out rank them with less total content but more keywords.

However, if they are doing a good job in all areas and have a lot of content, then I would write longer and well optimized content that is better than the competition.

I have done local SEO for various businesses where some of them only needed 200-300 words and ranked number 1 whereas others needed 600-700 words.


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